Fashion Designer


Kristina Kruopienytė (KK) – one of the most prominent Lithuanian fashion designers. Her distinctive urban fashion statement pushes KK toward an internationally recognized fashion brand. 

“KK fashion story takes place in the streets of fast-paced global city. It mirrors our constantly rotating needs and lifestyle which are encoded into rhythmic, graphic and structural details. KK is always looking for a new angle, ever changing yet at the same time keeping the style easy to recognize.” 

KK aesthetic details reflect the idea of always staying one-step-ahead. The brand merges construction, modern classics and consistent innovation. It is present and the future which never overlooks the essential learnings from the past.

KK is a social fashion brand with a rebellious attitude. It is designed for sophisticated, progressive and elegant urban personality looking for a distinctive style and radiant confidence.

Designer’s unfettered love for luxurious materials and bespoke tailoring does not compromise the factor of quality. Here the latest technologies meet classical textiles and textures for a next level fashion experience.